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      Traditional CRM with More Power, and More Ease
Traditional CRM

NetSuite CRM gives your company all the Customer Relationship Management capabilities you'll need to manage the sales and customer management process, with greater power and ease than other CRM solutions. NetSuite CRM includes the foundations of CRM: Sales Force Automation, Marketing Automation, and Customer Support & Service. NetSuite fortifies these capabilities with award-winning dashboards, customization and Web services through NetFlex, in-system high volume marketing campaigns, advanced forecasting, contact management, and opportunity management.

NetSuite CRM offers all the capabilities found in Enterprise Edition, Siebel CRM OnDemand, and Microsoft CRM, but makes them more powerful, and makes product fulfillment, service delivery and accounting ties easier with superior order integration.

Netsuite CRM       Why NetSuite CRM?
Netsuite Software

Netsuite CRMSeamless Lifecycle Management

Manage the complete customer acquisition lifecycle from campaign to lead to opportunity. NetSuite CRM provides prospects with their choice of interaction channel including in-person, on the phone, and e-mail. NetSuite CRM seamlessly integrates every interaction in real-time for a single view of the prospect.

A Single, Real-time View of the Prospect

One common prospect record provides lead source, opportunity status, and support cases, giving you clear lines of visibility throughout the process. Plus, an always on audit trail enables tracking of all phone, e-mail, and in-person interactions with your prospects giving everyone real-time access from anywhere.

The Best-rated Opportunity Management and Forecasting in the Industry

Central to CRM systems are opportunity management and forecasting, and NetSuite CRM truly excels in these areas. In fact, a leading analyst firm recently rated NetSuite CRM as #1 in a host of functional areas among web-based Sales Force Automation solutions:

  • #1 in Opportunity Management
  • #1 in Forecasting
  • #1 in Sales Management
  • #1 in Dashboards
  • #1 in Product Catalog
  • #1 in Activity Management
  • #1 in Document Management

Data Sheet Strategic Marketing

Lead generation is the life blood of small and midsize businesses. That’s why NetSuite CRM gives you complete campaign management tools, a customizable offer list that enables users to set up, select and track offers tied to campaign events in-system, and high volume, in-system email campaigns. To further strengthen your campaigns, you can design promotional discounts and track them via promotional codes. Once a campaign is fielded, NetSuite CRM lets you manage lead entry and routing as well as conduct lead source analysis.

Sales Force Automation

With one real-time view of the lead, NetSuite CRM’s sales force automation lets you capture leads, convert them into opportunities, and drive them toward close more easily. Automated lead processing and territory management ensure the right sales reps get the right leads. As leads become opportunities, contact and pipeline management coupled with integrated sales tools drive successful deals. With industry leading forecasting and quota management, you’ll be able to predict and track your success across your sales organization more accurately.

Customer Support with Visibility

NetSuite CRM lets you create, escalate, manage, and resolve customer support cases across your communication channels, including in-person, phone, fax, and e-mail. You can even use case capture forms anywhere on your Web site. Your customer support representatives can view the entire customer record, including service, and interaction histories. Customer support managers can define automatic case-assignment rules based on any case criteria. The NetAnswers Knowledge Base provides prospects with self-service support information organized into different levels of topics and solutions.

Customize and Extend NetSuite CRM with NetFlex

NetSuite’s NetFlex technology platform customizes and extends NetSuite CRM to meet your specific company and industry requirements for personalization, business processes and best practices. And with NetFlex AppBuilder, you can build entire applications hosted within NetSuite.

Manage Your Business, Not Your Software

Built from the ground up for growing and midsize enterprises, NetSuite CRM offers affordable pricing, accelerated implementation, and comprehensive support packages that yield unbeatable total cost of ownership.