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  Custom Graphic and Web Design

NetSuite’s NetCommerce capability lets you leverage the Web to grow your business faster and more cost effectively. It transforms your static Web site into a dynamic, database-driven ecommerce portal that ties together online customer acquisition efforts with back-office order fulfillment. With NetSuite, your company can easily deliver an intuitive, personalized experience to your customers and partners alike.

Custom graphic and web design       Why NetCommerce?
  • Create the Holy Grail of Ecommerce: A Dynamic, Database-driven Web site. In today’s market, customers expect a dynamic, personalized and intuitive online experience. Meeting those needs, NetSuite delivers database-driven programs that provide customized content to your customers. You can now offer customers anything from targeted special offers and pricing, to personalized content and support. In addition, developer kits quickly transform your existing, static Web pages into dynamic sites-complete with shopping cart and self-service functionality. Additional authoring tools provide rapid development of rich Web capabilities. Most importantly, tight integration between front- and back-office applications allows you to monitor all customer and partner activity on your Web site.
  • Automate Business Processes by Tying Together CRM, ERP and Online Operations. Integrated operations give you full a view of your business across all your departments, including sales, marketing, accounting and management. Armed with a 360-degree view of your company, along with crucial business metrics, you can make better, faster decisions. Plus, all leads captured on your portal flow automatically to sales representatives; similarly, online orders flow directly to your shipping and accounting departments. As a result, you minimize time delays and boost customer satisfaction. On the outbound side, e-mail marketing campaigns can be sent to static or dynamic marketing groups and you can monitor ROI and click-through results in real-time. Process productivity is made even simpler with mail merge and rich HTML templates.
  • Lower Costs and Improve Customer Satisfaction with Self-Service. With NetSuite, you can offer customers reliable, round-the-clock self-service, an extensive knowledge base, and online support-all tools that increase customer satisfaction and lower operational costs. Customers, vendors, and partners can process inquiries and conduct transactions without intervention from your support representatives. They also benefit from better communication with your company as well as more timely shipments.
  • Integrate Partners with Affiliate Marketing. Partners are seamlessly blended with NetCommerce. You can track affiliates by referring partner code on a URL, you can also create URLs with hidden parameters, including Partner ID. Reports allow you to measure Sales and ROI for each affiliate. NetSuite’s Partner Center offers a self-service portal to affiliates for viewing leads, sales and cases 24/7.
  • Look Bigger than You Are. With a powerful, professional and personalized Web site, your company can increase its market presence significantly. You can offer 24/7 online ordering and support to your customers. You can even take payment via purchase order, on terms, or credit card through the portal, increasing your customers’ satisfaction and your profitability. Best of all, proactive notifications and event- driven communications keep you connected to your customers and keep your customers coming back.

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