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NetSuite, Inc., with over 7,500 customers, is the first and only company to offer Web-based business solutions to support your entire company. Customers, analysts and press recognize that NetSuite alone provides integrated customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) in one, powerful solution. NetSuite applications provide real-time business intelligence on any department within your company, automate business processes across your entire company, and eliminate the majority of IT costs and concerns.

Custom graphic and web design       NetSuite
NetSuite is the industry's first and only online business application that supports your entire company—from customer relationship management (CRM) to enterprise resource planning (ERP) to Web capabilities. NetSuite is the first and only web-based application to offer everything in a single, integrated and powerful solution. With tight integration, NetSuite gives your company the real-time business intelligence to make better decisions.Netsuite
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NetSuite CRM gives your company all the Customer Relationship Management capabilities you'll need to manage the sales and customer management process, with greater power and ease than other CRM solutions.Netsuite CRM
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NetSuite CRM+ provides Total Customer Relationship Management for businesses large and small with customer-centric view to manage initial and on-going relationships over the phone, in person, or on the Web. NetSuite CRM+ captures the fundamental definition of a customer via Order Management, which serves as the key driver in determining important CRM metrics solutions.Netsuite CRM+
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NetSuite Small Business makes selling online easier to manage; the first and only solution to integrate a web store with order management, real-time inventory and customer management. NetSuite Small Business is the first and only web-based application to offer small businesses everything in a single, integrated and powerful solution. With tight integration, NetSuite Small Business gives your company the real-time business intelligence to make better decisions.

      All Netsuite Platforms include NetCommerce, NetFlex and NetERP

NetCommerce lets you leverage the Web to grow your business faster and more cost effectively. It transforms your static Web Site into a dynamic, database-driven ecommerce portal that ties together online customer acquisition efforts with back-office order fulfillment. With NetCommerce, your company can easily deliver an intuitive, personalized experience to your customers and partners alike.

NetFlex technology platform customizes and extends NetSuite to meet your specific company and industry requirements for personalization, business processes and best practices. And with NetFlex AppBuilder, you can build entire applications hosted within NetSuite. No on-demand application service is more customizable or extensible.

NetERP is a comprehensive Web-based ERP solution for midsize businesses that includes order management, purchasing, financials, Ecommerce and more.

      Comparison Chart
  NetSuite NetSuite Small Business NetSuite CRM NetSuite CRM+
Business Insight
Reporting/Executive Dashboard Standard Standard Standard Standard
Accounting Features Standard Standard
Time Tracking Standard Standard Standard
Billing Standard Standard
Inventory Management Standard Standard
Purchasing Standard Standard
Customer Relationship Management
Sales Force Automation Standard Basic Standard Standard
Order Management Standard Standard Standard
Marketing Automation Standard Standard Standard
Customer Service & Support Standard Standard Standard
Partner Relationship Management Standard Standard
Employee Management & Collaboration
Employee Management Standard Standard
Expense Reporting Standard Standard
Payroll Optional Optional
Employee Calendaring Standard Standard Standard Standard
Web Presence
Website Standard Standard Standard
Web Store Standard Standard
Partner/Vendor Management Standard Standard Partner Mgmt Only
Customer Self-Service Standard Basic Basic Standard